Education Specific - State Work Health and Safety (WHS) Health and Safety Representative (HSR) Training 

For Bookings please contact the SSTUWA
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Tel: (08) 9210 6000 or 1800 199 073
Email: [email protected]

Cost: $995 inc GST


About this Course:

This course is specifically developed by Unity Training and the State School Teachers Union of WA for employees of the Department of Education. Over 5 days Safety and Health Representatives will understand the Work Health and Safety (WHS) Act 2020 and how to practically apply it to a school environment. We look specifically at WHS issues facing schools and explore how the Department of Education policies and procedures apply to these. In addition we also conduct a site inspection at a local school.

During the training you will developing an understanding of the objectives of the Act and your role as a HSR within the Act, including:

  • Knowledge of your powers under the legislation, and how to effectively exercise them;
  • Skills in representing the members of your designated work group including consulting and negotiating with your employer;
  • Skills in identifying hazards and the process by which they should be controlled;
  • Knowledge of where, and how, to obtain assistance in dealing with hazards and dangerous situations;
  • An understanding of the role of HSR in the workplace in the prevention of accidents, injury and disease.
  • Conflict Resolution and the issuing of Provisional Improvement Notices are incorporated in this course.

As a HSR, you are entitled to attend training with a provider of your choice, in consultation with your Employer/PCBU

We are a Nationally Recognised Registered Training Organisation (RTO No. 4327).



Education Specific - State Work Health and Safety (WHS) Health and Safety Representative (HSR) Refresher Training

For Bookings please contact the SSTUWA
Tel: (08) 9210 6000 or 1800 199 073
Email: [email protected]

Metropolitan $310.00 inc GST

This course will be eligible to run after one year of the Act and Regulations being proclaimed.

About this course:

This course provides experienced Safety Representatives, who have previously attended the 5-day WHS HSR Course with the opportunity to receive up-to-date information about the State Work Health Safetu Act and Regulations. The 1 day course has been specifically designed to build on the skills and knowledge already obtained and aims to increase the role of the Health and Safety Representatives (HSR) within their PCBU's safety management program. Once again this course is designed for employees of the WA Department of Education and covers how to manage WHS issues that may arise in a school environment.

Transitional Training, Conflict Resolution and the Issuing of Provisional Improvement Notices (PINS) are also incorporated into this course.



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