Commonwealth HSR Refresher Course

Dates available in 2022

1st August 2022

3rd October 2022

5th December 2022

* All dates are subject to change or cancellation depending on health/government advice.

About this course:

Duration: 1 day

Cost: $310.00

Enrolment:  Please Complete our enrolment form and return to [email protected] and confirmation will be returned ASAP.

Before enrolling on this course please confirm that your employer is part of the Commonwealth Legislation and listed on the Comcare website: Link to list of current licensees under the SRC Act.

This ACTU course is for Health & Safety Reps (HSR) covered by the Comcare WHS Act.  

As a HSR, you are entitled to attend training with a provider of your choice, in consultation with your Employer.

Course details:

A one-day refresher training course. Applicable to all HSRs, 12 months after they have completed the five-day initial course of training.

Refresher training will provide HSRs with a review of the learning outcomes from the 5 day course, developments in WHS legislation (if relevant) and skills development related to their role, powers, and functions in the workplace.

This course is available on demand in regional areas. Subject to numbers.


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