Occupational Health and Safety Managers Guide - Getting Started

We surveyed workplaces with Occupational Health and Safety system in place and asked them what they though the main considerations should be for business just getting started or trying to improve their OH&S. The articles below outline some of the pitfall and proven methods found by these businesses and our training staff.

button_reserve-a-seat.pngWe are holding a Getting Started - online seminar this Friday. A must attend even for managers and administrators looking to setup and improve the health and safety in their workplace. We will outline a simple getting started strategy most business overlook and answer questions. Please indicate you will attend by reserving a seat.


A workplace incident can be devastating for employees but damage to your business reputation may be catastrophic.


Employees are the frontline of any workplace and are the members of staff most at risk and have most likely witnessed an accident, near-miss or some form of misconduct. They are simply management's best resource when establishing a workplace Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) strategy.


“Keeping employees safe at work is management's number one priority”

True for your workplace?

In summary the findings above are:

  • A businesses reputation and that of its management is on the line when OH&S matters are considered.
  • A workforce based OH&S system proves to be the most cost effective, quick reacting and beneficial approach for all businesses.
  • Training is paramount to establishing a compliant, workable OH&S system in any business.

Businesses need to take OH&S seriously as their reputation is on the line. In this day and age business in Western Australia can not continue to pay lip service to OH&S in their workplace. They need a reliable safety net for all their employees and management need to recognise their reputation and safety is also at stake. Fortunately business already have staff that understand the risks and hazards of your unique work place. The most qualified people to help establish a superior OH&S system for your business is your staff. What they lack is training specific to the requirement of OH&S law and the specifics needed to implement and maintain a working system. Fortunately Unity Training can provide just the training your staff require with our extensive OH&S courses.

button_reserve-a-seat.pngThis Friday we are assisting several business managers get their Occupational Health and Safety concerns sorted and giving them a hand to get started in an online seminar. It's a Free seminar and your welcome to attend. Remember we will outline a simple getting started strategy most business overlook and answering questions so you can get as much from the session as possible. Don't miss out reserve a seat. 

See you there.


Denise Mercer
Unity Training Services
[email protected]
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Denise Mercer has been the Senior Trainer and Manager for Unity Training Services since 2012. She holds Diploma's in work health and safety and management and is Certificate IV qualified across a wide range of occupations including warehousing, asset maintenance and mental health.

Prior to joining Unity Training Services, Denise was an experienced Prison Officer and Health and Safety Representative in the prison system then worked professionally as a health and safety trainer.

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